Lion's Mane L+ Combi
  • Lion's Mane L+ Combi
  • Lion's Mane L+ Combi
  • Lion's Mane L+ Combi
  • Lion's Mane L+ Combi
  • Lion's Mane L+ Combi

Lion's Mane L+ Combi

The L+ Combi includes:

1) 120 v-caps @ 450 mg
(pure mycelium alcohol extract)
≥ 7 % Terpenes
≥ 5 % Erinacines
> 5 % Beta-Glucans
> 2 % Polyphenols

2) 180 v-caps @ 300 mg
(full spectrum 1:1 lossless water extract)
≥ 2.5 % Terpenes
≥ 0.6 % Hericenones
> 30 % Beta-glucans

Produced in compliance with the following quality standards :
ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005, HACCP, cGMP
Halal, Koosjer, USDA organic (EcoCert)
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Oriveda's L+ has been upgraded in May 2020. It is currently a combination of two separate supplements that reinforce and complement each other, and which can be mixed, dosed and balanced against each other according to your own liking.

The L+ combi includes:

  • a full spectrum, lossless 1:1 hot water fruiting body extract, 180 capsules @ 300 mg
  • a pharma-grade pure mycelium alcohol extract, 120 capsules @ 450 mg.

This combi can cover 2 - 4 months (depending on personal dosing preferences)

This supplement combination covers the full spectrum of Lion's Mane 's potential.  

It is the only LM product that is truly 100% in line with all existing research: clinical, in vivo and in vitro. The key bioactives are all specified and quantified and their presence, percentage and bioavailability is guaranteed.

Click to see the authorized 'Supplement Facts' labels with all relevant specifications. 

For more detailed third party analysis please click here (a full spectrum, lossless 1:1 hot water fruiting body extract) and here (a pharma-grade pure mycelium alcohol extract) . 

Oriveda's lossless 1:1 hot water extract contains the full Lion's Mane fruiting body in a bioavailable form. Nothing was filtered out, both soluble and insoluble bioactives are still present in their natural synergy. In this case 'lossless' is crucial because we want the product to be 100% in line with the existing clinical research.

Three out of four human case studies were done with non-extracted dried Lion's Mane fruiting body powder; by extracting this dried powder (like we did) the bioavailability effect increases ± 4 - 10 times according to research, and the required amount needed drops from ± 2 - 3 grams daily to ± 600 - 900 mg daily.

Concentrated water extracts are not in line with LM research because all non-soluble matter was filtered out, including the NGF-inducing terpenes, sterols and other interesting bioactive compounds.

The aforementioned clinical studies noticed significant effects on cognition, moderate depression and anxiety. Usually hericenones are pointed out as being responsible for the NGF-inducing effects of the fruiting body. However, there is also research explicitly stating that hericenones have zero effect on cognition / NGF-induction.

So it is possible there might be other yet unknown bioactive compounds or synergetic combinations of compounds responsible for the observed effects. It therefore makes sense to use an unfiltered 1:1 full-spectrum extract in this case; all fruiting body compounds are present in a bioavailable form.

Oriveda 's premium grade mycelium extract is the worlds first and only alcohol extract based on pure liquid-grown mycelium. The emphasis is on the alcohol-soluble terpenes / terpenoids; i.p. a group of diterpenes known as erinacines.

Erinacines are seen as the most powerful NGF-inducers in Lion's Mane. They are only found in the mycelium. We have used a special formula for the liquid substrate in which the mycelium is growing; its purpose is to increase the production of erinacines. 

Lion’s Mane contains over 70 bioactive ingredients and can be considered one of the most interesting mushrooms for gaining and maintaining good health. Very few mushrooms cover such a wide spectrum.

Science has been researching Lion's Mane mushrooms for several decades now, but barely scratched the surface so far. Below we've listed the main targets in research*.
Take notice: this list should not be interpreted as a list of medical claims ! For an extensive background click here ( page opens in new window ).

Lion's Mane potential for Immunomodulation

A shared property of all mushrooms is said to be immune-modulation. Key ingredients are mainly water-soluble beta-glucans. Water extracted Lion’s Mane can have high levels of beta-glucan. Check the supplement label !
Considering that our immune system is the core of our health this is a very important property - allergies, inflammations, infections, auto-immune diseases and many old-age health issues are all immune-related. Also see our dedicated article about the immune system

Anti-Gastritis and Anti-Ulcer effects

Traditionally hot water-extracted Lion's Mane was used to treat peptic ulcers and chronic gastritis. Beta-glucans are the main bioactive compounds.

Balancing good and bad cholesterol 

Beta-glucans support a healthy balance between good and bad cholesterol. In the EU this health claim has been ratified by the EFSA.
A healthy balance between LDL (bad) and HDL (good) cholesterol helps with preventing high blood pressure and supports a healthy cardio-vascular system: less plaque, stronger arteries. 
Lion’s Mane also contains trace amounts of Lovastatin.

Anti-diabetic effects

Like all mushrooms high in beta-glucans, Lion's Mane supports maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. High blood sugar levels are very damaging in the long run. Nerve damage / diabetic neuropathy is a major side effect of long-term high blood sugar levels.
In recent years a lot of research has been conducted into Lion’s Mane’s potential to help repair damaged nerves. Beta-glucan (normalising blood sugar levels) and terpenes (NGF-induction / nerve-repair) are the key ingredients here and are both present in good quality Lion's Mane. Check the supplement facts label !

Improving cognitive functions and stimulating the Nerve Growth Factor

Nerve growth factor (NGF) is a secreted protein that is important for the growth, maintenance, survival and regeneration of nerve cells, and is considered critical for their survival. Without it, these nerve cells / neurons will die, causing both cognitive and motoric problems. The discovery of the NGF was in the 1950s, and the scientists responsible received the Nobel Prize in 1986 for this, when the importance of the NGF was finally acknowledged.

NGF prevents or reduces the degeneration of nerve cells such as caused by neurodegenerative diseases (e.g. Alzheimer's) and aging. A positive effect on myelination was also found.
Lion's Mane contains several compounds that appear to stimulate NGF production. NGF is stimulating nerves that are damaged due to e.g. accidents or declining due to aging to regrow to a certain extent*. Its main effect however appears to be slowing down the decline of the nerve system due to age. The main compounds responsible are alcohol-soluble terpenoids, and these are classified in two groups:

• Hericenones (found in the fruiting body)
• Erinacines (found in the mycelium)

Apart from those two groups research suggests there might be other yet-to-be-discovered compounds or synergetic combinations of compounds in Lion's Mane with similar potential.
These are so far the only active substances found in natural products that can induce the production of the NGF and the related BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor). These bioactives therefore might have great potential for -indirectly- repairing neurological damage, improving cognition and reflexes and, even more significant, to help slowing down the development of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's.

We quote from a recent case study (duration: 16 weeks) performed with 50- to 80-year-old Japanese men and women diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment: [...] At weeks 8, 12 and 16 of the trial, the [Lion's Mane] group showed significantly increased scores on the cognitive function scale compared with the placebo group. The [Lion's Mane] group's scores increased with the duration of intake.[...] The results obtained in this study suggest that [Lion's Mane] is effective in improving mild cognitive impairment."

The full article can be read here.  

Potential effects on menopausal problems, depression, anxiety

The NGF / BDNF-inducing bioactives in Lion's Mane also appear to have an effect on other areas of the brain, including areas that are related to Rett syndrome and bipolar disorder. Like, the menopause and obesity also include a mental element. Stress and/or anxiety are usually a precipitating factor in these and might negatively affect the levels of NGF.

We quote from a recent case study (2010; duration: 4 weeks) performed with 30 women in the menopausal age: [...] "Concentration", "irritating" and "anxious" tended to be lower than the placebo group. Our results show that HE intake has the possibility to reduce depression and anxiety and these results suggest a different mechanism from NGF-enhancing action of H. erinaceus.[...]".

The full article can be read here

Safety and side-effects

Some very sensitive people might experience mild side effects due to their genetic wiring.
Mushroom extracts with a high level of beta-glucans should never be used together with immune-suppressants, like those prescribed after a transplant. 
The blood sugar lowering effects can cause fatigue in those that are highly susceptible. In general these people are also very susceptible to e.g. caffeine and alcohol, or are diabetic. Taking the extract together with a sugar-containing liquid can neutralise this effect. Diabetics might have to adjust their medication; we recommend to discuss this with a medical professional.



The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the TGA or FDA. 

This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

Do not use this product instead of regular medication. If any concerns, consult your GP



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